"Suns" is a series of five coloring books designed by Jenny C. Carrington.  "Solace Suns" is the first coloring book in the series, followed by "Soothe Suns" and "Calm Suns". Two more will be released in the coming months.  Each book is a hand created "larger design" coloring book that encourages the use of larger areas to concentrate on shading of hues and color blending to create unique creations of color blasts within drawn boundary lines. These "larger designs" enable one to define their unique style with bursts of unusual twists of many colors. Each book contains 30 pages of sunbursts.


$6.99 each






Book 1 - "Solace Suns"


Book 2 - "Soothe Suns"


Book 3 - "Calm Suns"


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