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ABC Human services provides early childhood intervention / CBRS to children from birth through three years of age. Our early childhood community based rehabilitative services focus on the overall development of children from birth to age three who are in the NC infant toddler program. We provide quality developmental activities to these children based upon their needs as developed in their individual family service plan. The services can be provided in home, day care or other natural community settings. Infant and toddler specialists provide activities such as: dance and movement, storytime, music and craft activities. Our staff includes qualified infant toddler specialists as well as associate professionals, who have past experience with children with special needs including but not limited to autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, visual requirements, hearing loss, mental retardation and neurological and behavioral disorders.


Innovations Services

ABC Human Services provides a variety of services to individuals who have been approved to receive North Carolina Innovations Waiver Services. Innovations services provided by ABC Human Services include:


Painting Crafts

Community Living & Supports

Individualized service that enables the individual to live successfully in his/her own home, the family home or other natural support and be an active member of their community. Staff assists individuals with learning new skills and provides supervision and assistance for the person to complete an activity to his/her level of independence.


Long Term Vocational Supports

This service provides assistance with maintaining a job for individuals age 16 and over, who no longer need the intense level of supported employment. Long Term Vocational Supports provides support to the individual  who because of specific needs, including medical and or behavioral needs may require supports regarding the social and environmental issues that are a part of successful employment.


Community Networking

Provides individualized day activities that support the person in achieving a meaningful day in an integrated community setting, with persons who are not disabled.

Residential Supports

This service provides assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living such as grooming and cleanliness, bed making and household chores, eating and food preparation, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable the individual to reside in a non-institutional setting.

Individual - Respite

Respite is a service that provides periodic relief for the family or primary caregiver. This service may be provided in the individuals home or in an out of home setting.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services provide assistance with choosing/matching acquiring and finding development and initial job training for individuals age 16 and older for who competitive employment has not been achieved and/or has been interrupted.



Community Guide/Community Navigator


Community Guide Services provide support to participants and planning teams that assist participants in developing social networks and connections within local communities. The purpose of this service is to promote self-determination, increase independence and enhance the participant’s ability to interact with and contribute to his or her local community. Community Guide Services emphasize, promote and coordinate the use of natural and generic supports (unpaid) to address the participant’s needs in addition to paid services.

COA Accreditation

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